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Saturday Sixes
Men's Open, Boys HSA, HSB and 14U
6/22/24   9/21/24

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Each team consists of 10-12 short stick players.  Small team size allows for ease in creating competitive teams.  Fewer players mean more touches and more playing time.  6vs6 truly is the fastest game on two feet. 



There is no body checking in 6vs6 allowing for players to focus on their speed and stick skills.  Safer, faster and more fun.  Equal pressure is allowed and stick checks are allowed.  Takeout hits will result in ejection from the game.

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Field Size

The field size is 60x40 yards, similar to the World Lacrosse Sixes and PLL Sixes.  You will play just like the Pros do.  This is the future of lacrosse, including future Olympic Games.

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More Play Less Cost

Why pay $1500 for 4-40 minute games and spend a ton on hotel costs when you can have a blast for way less.

1 day, 3 games, no overnights needed and play is from 10am-5pm.  1 great day of lacrosse at a great price.

3 Games Only $550

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Play consists of 4-8 min. quarters, a 7 minute halftime and 3 mins. between quarters.  Faceoffs begin each quarter and goalies restart after goals/shots that go out of bounds.  Missed shots go to the defensive team.

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The Future of Lacrosse

World Lacrosse, the PLL Showcase and the Olympics are all playing Sixes Lacrosse.  6vs6, short field, no long sticks, shorter games and no wild body checking are the future of lacrosse.

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