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                                Inclement Weather Policy


To insure participant safety, Cradle and Crank Lacrosse and the tournament directors reserve the right to postpone, cancel or shorten games due to inclement weather, especially lightning. 


The following procedures will be utilized during inclement weather:

1.  A horn will sound 3 short bursts to indicate the need to clear the fields and evacuate to your vehicles with a minimum of 30 minutes delay after any lightning.

2.  Tents and equipment may be left on the field.

3.  After the weather clears, five short horn blasts will indicate play is resumed after a short warmup period.

4.  In order to stay on schedule games may be shortened.

If time allows, missed games will be rescheduled.

5.  No refunds will be issued for games that are cancelled for unforeseen reasons related to unsafe playing conditions and unable to be rescheduled.

6.  Updates will be announced on Tourney Machine asap.

7.  If the entire tournament is cancelled a make-up date will be announced on Tourney Machine or credit will be given for our next tournament.

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